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Faridabad Convent School

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Home Mission, Vision & Core Values
Our aims and objectives

Our aim is the pursuit of excellence foe all. We strive for the development of individual potential in a stimulating and inspiring school. Our aims to be an outstanding school where young students enjoy learning, achieve highly standard and enter into the word with full confidence. We aim to produce an environment that encourages each and every student to develop qualities of self discipline organization, motivation and enjoyment of working hard which makes them confident and competent members of the society.

  • Our aim is to develop the positive ethos and learning culture throughout the school community with a commitment to continual improvement and meeting the very expectation.

Our aim to create a welcoming and exciting learning environment where we—-

Provide a rich diverse and challenging education through excellent and innovative teaching and learning.

  1. Celebrate a success, promote a ` can do attitude and inspire each and everyone to achieve their best.
  2. Support personal development, social responsibility and sense of self worth.
  3. Develop the attitude and skills that support a healthy and fulfilled life together with the confidence for a lifetime of learning.
  4. Provide a sale, supportive and well ordered environment where students and staff are happy and confident us they aspire to achieve
  5. We provide/ offer a broad and balanced curriculum which evolves to reflect the needs of pupils and demands of modern society.
  6. 360 degree development: Our systems and processes are designed to ensure the overall development of a child’s personality.
School Objectives
  • To develop in each students self esteem and feeling of self worth.
  • A healthy life style, physical and mental well being.
  • Care and respect for people and the environment in a context of social, moral, multi-cultural and spiritual awareness.
  • The ability to work as part of a team, developing sensitivity to other people’s needs.
  • A responsibility of their own learning and actions.
  • An awareness of the modern world and an environment and aesthetic appreciation of it.
  • A sound scientific and technological understanding and the ability to understand and analyze information and the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solved problems.
  • To ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and make progress.
  • To give students experience of all forms of education, linguistic, mathematical scientific, technological, human and social, physical aesthetic and creative.
  • To provide acquisition of skills in all these area.
  • To ensure that subject matter is appropriate for all ages and aptitudes of our students.
  • To instill a set of core values in the child that would keep him/her on the right track throughout his/her life.

Mission is to provide education with board participation and balanced curriculum. It enables all its children to achieve their true potential, so that they reach the highest possible standards of learning and fulfill the responsibilities they undertake. The school encourages citizenship and responsibility, so that children learn self-discipline and self-respect foe the world in which they live. FCS aims to provide an environment for personal growth in which children discover their talent and abilities and learn more generosity of spirit.

Vision of our school

F.C.S. is serving the society by a committed, skilled and qualified professional staff and strives to be a center of excellence across the curriculum with the particular specialty in academics, sports and other activities. Our mission is to recognize nature and integrate the inherent talent of each student with best practices of quality education, making our student technologically savvy and culturally secure, thereby motivating them to constantly strive for excellence.